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How to Build Self Confidence

If you read my post on people-pleasing here then you may know that I have a hard time saying no at times. Because of the new insights, this lead to some soul searching. Why didn’t I feel confident in some areas of my life? Did I really not trust myself? And what I...

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Are you too nice?

I’ve been too nice my whole life, what I consider being a "nice girl". What that means is I’ve been praised to be “ladylike”. To be polite and not stir the pot. To be kind and reserved. To be classy and to avoid making others upset at all costs. While there are some...

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How to Crush your Limiting Beliefs in 3 Easy Steps

  When was the last time you questioned what you believe to be true? The limits you’ve set for yourself and how they have shaped not only the relationship you have with yourself but also others in your life. When was the last time you told yourself what you could...

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