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About the blog


You want to live a passionate and purposeful life. You don’t want to settle for getting by, you want to make a difference.

You want to live an authentic life, living up to your full potential.

You want to be your best self.

You want your time to be spend doing things you love surrounded by supportive, like minded people.

But you think, ” What does that even look like for me”?

You know you don’t want to go with the flow and want to create your life but have no idea how to get started.


You think…

-Life’s too hard, its easier to just see where life takes me instead

-This is too much information, can I even do this?

-How do I get started?

-What do I really want?

-Can I even really reach my goals?


I’ve been there and I still sometimes feel that way. Those feelings of doubt will creep up, but you can’t let them stop you from pursuing your goals. 

So I created this blog for millennial women looking to live a purposeful, intentional life but who don’t know where to get started. 

I share simple, actionable tips to help you live life on your terms.

I share posts on self-care, mental health and relationships with a sprinkle of productivity.

My goal is to help you take small steps to get you where you want to be.

So I have one question for you. Are you thriving or surviving? Start here to read my quarter life crisis post.

About me


Hey! So enough about the blog, I’m Tiffany, so glad you are here!

This quarter life crisis thing is real and it wasn’t until I started taking myself and my self care seriously that I stated to put what I learned about self-development into practice.

This is where I share my journey of how I’m learning that practice makes better, learning to love my imperfectly, perfect self and creating an intentional, full life on my terms.

This journey includes building the best relationships (with myself, my partner, my friends, my family), self-care, and mental health.

I’m learning who I am , what I like, how I want to spend my time.

I’m learning to take better control over my relationships and changing things in my life and my relationships that don’t serve me.

I don’t have it all figured out and by no means am I perfect but I wanted to create a space for those of us who are having a hard time navigating this messy thing called life.

Follow me on this journey as I share with you all I’ve learned and what I’m learning.

Some facts about me:

I’m a recovering perfectionist
I’m an INFJ

I have a Bachelors in Psychology and a Master’s in Social Work

I’m a lover of all things love. (I know, cheesy right)

I live in Chicago

I love chocolate and wine(not together of course)

I looove the outdoors (walking, camping, biking)

I’m a Netflix binger(my guilty pleasure)

I think I’m addicted to Pinterest(just me?, ok)

I’m always reading a book or article about improvement

I could eat pasta everyday, in fact that’s the only thing I can really cook

I am passionate about entrepreneurship and volunteering

I love serving the world by letting other women know that they can live their best life if they believe it’s possible. I believe that you can live a life on your terms, but only if you believe you can, and PS you can.

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