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About me




I’m Tiffany,  Life and Personal Development coach. I’m here with the purpose of supporting you on your journey to gaining clarity and creating a life of purpose and fulfillment.

I help purpose-driven millennial women live lives of abundance and authenticity, causing them to fully show up in their lives.

I do this because life is one of our greatest gifts. Too often we settle and give up on ourselves.  I am here to support others in living a fully-expressed life.


Bachelors Degree in Psychology
Bachelors Degree in Business
Masters Degree in Social Work
IPEC Certified Coach-October 2019 completion

My Story

I was settling, unfulfilled and frankly quite angry at myself.  

I began my personal development journey in 2014 after a bad breakup and the realization that I was unhappy with the life I ultimately created. I was settling big-time from the relationship I was in to the career I had chosen. And the thing is, at the time, I didn’t think I deserved better. I wasn’t doing what I wanted and instead did all the “right” things that you’re ” supposed” to do. And as a result I kind of gave up on myself. I was hopeless and just going with the flow of life.

Then, I decided it was up to be if I wanted things to be differently. 

So, I got a new job and began learning everything I could about personal development. I took classes,  did workshops, read books, listened to podcast, anything I could get my hands on. I began spending my time intentionally and doing the things I REALLY wanted to do. No more ” should do” , what society says is “right” or what is expected of me. No more limits, no more faking.  And I want the same for you. Because, Life is one of our greatest gifts and it is best lived fully and authentically.

Life is enjoying, laughing, growing and loving!

Fun Facts About Me!

I’m an INFJ

I live in Chicago

I’m a recovering perfectionist

I’m a lover of all things love( I know, cheesy right)

I could eat pasta every day

I love love love the outdoors!

My guilty is Netflix

I think I’m addicted to Pinterest(just me? OK)

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