Being bluntly honest and boldly you everyday with Iris

Mar 24, 2021Personal Development, Self Care

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(4:25) Being honest with others
(7:14) Uncomfort of the truth
(9:05) Owning my feelings and speaking up
(16:23) A lot of your power comes from your throat
(20:11) You need to express yourself
(23:59) Being true to who you are
(29:47) Human Design chart
(30:37) Healing through nature
(37:24) Feeling uniquely yourself
(40:43) Needing to express myself

Honesty can be uncomfortable, but if you’re honest, then there’s less negative than if you were to be deceptive

When you don’t say things or speak your truth, it makes you feel like the other spectrum of calm and you’ll feel angry

When you express what you need, it will bring you so much peace, even if other people don’t like it

About Iris:

Iris from Chicago. HR professional and married for 3 years. No kids but a super cute dog named Katy. I have a podcast called “Girl we have to talk”. It’s a podcast for friends!

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