How to Take Control of Your Health: Why Stress May be Hindering You with Brandi Eilert

Jan 23, 2021Self Care

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On today’s podcast I have Brandi Eilert a Certified Holistic Wellness coach with Wellness 360, where we have a very real and honest conversation. She doesn’t hold back about her own struggles with her health, she really get vulnerable and deep and I am so excited to be sharing this with you. Enjoy this journey of learning about your health, having peace, and why stress can be the one thing that is really holding you back from honoring your health and living life on purpose.


(5:16) Brandi’s story

(8:00) Stress and sickness

(12:20) Hormones and how they affect and your body

(17:00) The “I’m busy” culture

(19:40) The “wellness 360” approach

(21:50) The stress bucket

(26:20) Getting your life on track and saying “no”

(29:57) Your team

(32:30) Tools, tips, and more! 

(34:00) Fearing the idleness

(35:00) Eliminating toxicity and striving for grace

(38:00) Taking baby steps

(42:15) Results are not achieved overnight

(46:05) Where to find Brandi?

A few key quotes from the episode: 

” I have one of those personalities where I don’t really accept that there’s not an answer. I knew there was an answer I just needed the right person to help me.”


“If you look at your life kinda like a bucket, you got all the stresses in your life as these little drips; eventually that bucket it’s going to overflow.”


About Brandi:


Brandi is a Certified Holistic Wellness Coach, working with women struggling with adrenal fatigue/chronic stress to cultivate intentional living, purpose and peace. She is also host of the podcast “Life. On Purpose.”


Brandi believes that balancing peace with hustle isn’t just a novelty. It’s a commitment to focusing on what matters most, and eliminating what is useless and takes up too much space. That your struggles are just as important as your successes, and both are worthy of sharing and celebrating. That you can become a more joyful, peaceful, confident, and balanced version of yourself. That being able to give back to others starts first by believing you are worthy of investing in yourself. That honoring your body doesn’t have to happen overnight, but you can start taking small steps TODAY to living a more fulfilled, healthful life. And that we should be living life. On purpose.


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