How to Crush your Limiting Beliefs in 3 Easy Steps

Jun 11, 2019Personal Development

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When was the last time you questioned what you believe to be true? The limits you’ve set for yourself and how they have shaped not only the relationship you have with yourself but also others in your life.

When was the last time you told yourself what you could or could not do? What do you believe you are and are not capable of? Of who you are?

What are those beliefs that don’t serve you, hold you back from what you really want and who you really want to become?

They feel so familiar to you that you don’t know what else to believe. Because if we’re honest there’s comfort in what’s familiar. But they also feel like a stray jacket.

These beliefs sometimes, were even handed to you. They come from other’s limitations and can sound like. “Ladies don’t behave that way”, “ To start a business you have to have lots of money,”, “Getting a good paying job with security is the best that it gets”. These are what’s called limiting beliefs.


But have you ever questioned whether these beliefs are true?

What if there was a way to start thinking and living outside of your limiting beliefs? What would that like look like for you? What would be possible if you truly believe you had no limits?


Read along as we discover 3 easy steps to crush the limiting beliefs that hold you back.


So my question to you is, what beliefs do you have that are holding you back? Here are a few common examples.


“I don’t have enough money to start a business”

“I’m not smart, pretty, talented, etc enough”

“I can’t start, I’m not ready”

“I don’t have enough time”


This list is also a great resource to help you discover your limiting beliefs.


My story aka my limiting beliefs.

“I can’t be smart and fun.” “I can’t be nice and say no.” “Starting a business has to be hard and painful.” “The only way I can be successful is to have a government job.”

I didn’t realize deep down I had these beliefs or how much these beliefs limited me until I completed my own coaching. And when I learned what they were I was able to start to create new ones that served me better. 

Why do we have them?

Why do we have limiting beliefs in the first place? Well, these thoughts are things that are common in the world.

They may not be beliefs that you consciously chose,  but rather that you were handed. And because of how deeply ingrained they can be in society we never challenged them.

We didn’t see or challenge how true they are for us as individuals. They may even be things people have told us or general beliefs that we have that don’t serve us.  These can be things that are generalizations, stereotypes or general beliefs that the world has.


How do they hold you back?


Questions to ask yourself once you have some of your limiting beliefs in mind.  

How do these beliefs serve you?

How does this belief help or hinder you to go after your goals?

Is this belief really true for you?

And what would happen if you didn’t believe this?


These beliefs have the tendency to keep you small and limited. Although they may seem harmless, if you really look you will see how much of an impact they are really having on your life.


3 ways to overcome

  1. Awareness. What do you believe limits you? Understand that although they say serve you in the moment they restrict you from living authenticity. How does this thought make you feel ? Are you empowered? Or do you feel stuck?

2. Rewrite your rules. These are other people’s rules, allowing you to go through life on auto pilot. Not questioning their truth.

What new rules serve you? What do you want to feel? What new beliefs do you want to have?

Ones that empower you? Or ones that keep you in a box? Find out what new beliefs really serve you and your goals.

I challenge you to recognize your limiting beliefs and find a new, empowering one you want to live by. One that aligns with who you want to be and what you want out of life. Overtime you will begin to see the changes in yourself and how you view the world.


To get your started here are some new empowering beliefs to try out.


“I can start a business with little funds. With all

my knowledge and resources I can find a way.”

“I have all that I need to make my dreams a reality.”

“ I don’t have to be 100 perfect perfect to get started.”

“This is a priority, I will make time.”

“I have the power to do anything. “

 3. Disprove those old beliefs . Now get moving with those new beliefs. The best way to really start to believe your new beliefs is to put them in action. Get in action. Prove that although it may be true for others it’s not true for you. Go towards your goals. Live your new beliefs.


I truly believe that you focus on the longest becomes the strongest. If you focus on what you can’t do that’s all you will see and it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.  You’ll continue to live by the limits that others set for you and you won’t really go after what you truly want.

But you can choose to decide what you want to believe and put those new beliefs to work. Let them be your guide along your journey of living a life that you love. I’de love to hear some of your new, empowering beliefs!