How a Boudoir Photoshoot Can Help You Feel Sexy, Beautiful and Brave

May 27, 2022Self-Confidence, Self-Expression

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I am talking to Victoria Blaire Svensson today, a former nurse who transitioned into a new career as a full-time boudoir photographer in Cleveland. Victoria loves providing a boudoir experience that opens the door for women to explore and embrace different sides of themselves completely free of judgment.

Boudoir provides an opportunity for people to be open and vulnerable. The session is a space for clients to step outside of their comfort zone, grow, and come out the other side with amazing photos. Victoria’s boudoir style is laid back, intimate, and natural. She loves creating an experience that utilizes dark and moody settings, loungewear, and personality where she works to show women their own beauty.

The best part about a boudoir photo shoot is truly embracing the whole experience and is a really empowering experience. Victoria loves popping champagne and playing fun music for her clients. She’s also not afraid to get on the other side of the camera and get a feel for what her clients are going through so she can make their experience that much more comfortable.

Many clients arrive at a photoshoot with nerves, and that’s normal. Victoria is there to reassure her clients and guide them through the process with posing tips and a relaxed atmosphere — she’ll even help you nail the sultry expressions. All you have to do is bring yourself. Listen to today’s podcast to hear more about boudoir and how it can help you grow your confidence.

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